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Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Care and Easier Childbirth

Easier Childbirth and Ayurvedic Care Method

Suitable For Expectant Couples

This workshop is catered for pregnant mothers and her partners who are keen to explore Easier Natural Birth and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy and Postnatal Care.

2.30pm-3.30pm – Easier Natural Birth
Presented by Kong Choon Yen, Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Instructor.
Topic covers the followng:
* Problem of Childbirth Today
* Debunk the Myths of Childbirth
* Ways to achieve Natural Birth

3.30pm-5pm- Ayurveda Yoga Therapy for Pregnancy and Birth Presented by Dr. Shraddha Nikam, Ayurvedacharya, M.D.
Topics cover both Ayurveda Theory and HANDS ON PRACTICES in the following areas:
*Prenatal Yoga
*Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care Method & Pregnancy Massage
*Ayurvedic Postnatal Care

RSVP is required due to space constraint. Email your name (s), contact details and email to or Sign up Here.
For inquiries, call 9863 7867 or 6297 2670

When does Bonding between Mother and Baby Actually Begins?

In my infant massage class earlier, we watched the video on “What Babies Want” whereby the title in chapter four “Where is my mother” talked about how hospitals separated the mother and baby could cause more emotional disturbance and disrupted the family’s bonding immediately after birth. Psychological needs of a human being was not being validated in the birthing industry and we were just beginning to understand the impacts of early skin to skin contact for the baby with his/her parent had on the baby’s life. These mothers had a better understanding of what babies really wanted during their first hour after birth and how the medical staff handling of the babies could also cause mental imprint from birth that could last a life time. I then touched on various birth scenarios that could possibly left a mark on the baby’s belief system so that the mothers could initiate a healing session and talk to their babies heart to heart with the intention to release some birth issues and let go of those painful memories.

In a video titled Mother-Baby Bond, The Biology of Love, a famous spiritual author, Deepak Chopra  brought insight into the biological aspect of love and the budding relationship between mother and child from conception to birth. The profound fundamental of human being was the need to form a strong emotional attachment, the bond between mother and child. How this extraordinary relationship is mediated through blood, hormone, milk and antibodies, smile and tears that shed new light of the psychological factor into the biological aspect. When does bonding actually begins? Click the picture to see the video.

Mother and Baby BondingMother Baby Bond image credit to

Alternative Obstetric Care with Ayurveda for Pregnancy and Birth

Do you feel that consulting your Obstetrician is the only choice of pregnancy care? Ayurvedic Therapy has long been used in ancient time to prepare women physically, mentally and spiritually before conception, during pregnancy, birth and after birth care. Be it for a healthy and smooth birth preparation or to relieve pregnancy induced symptoms, Ayurveda therapy can make your pregnancy journey smoother and safer. Dr. Dharna, BAMS, Ayurvedic Consultant explains briefly what is Ayurveda and how it benefits pregnant women from this alternative therapy. Below is a short article contribute by Dr. Dharna from Om Vedic Heritage Centre Pte Ltd.

AYURVEDA has a well-documented description of caring for pregnant women, called “Monthly regime for pregnant women” (Garbhini Paricharya).

The regimen prescribes practices for each month and stages of pregnancy. These systems are, in fact, diligently followed as traditional practices in innumerable households even today.

Ayurveda prescribes diet, lifestyle and thought process to be followed during each month of pregnancy and after delivery (for mother and baby), as these have a direct effect on the mother and the child.

Ayurveda also gives details of how to have Safe and Normal delivery, by preparing the women’s body right from pre conception.

It includes:- Massage therapies, herbal remedies( for nausea, morning sickness, lack of appetite, constipation, bloatedness, etc,) consultation and regular follow ups, etc, as well.

Of these, wholesome diet is given great importance as it aids foetal growth, maternal health and lactation after childbirth.

Need of preparing a female for conception:-  Excessive mental, emotional and physical stress can worsen the symptoms of many chronic disorders, including infertility. This is due to hormonal changes and other biochemical responses to stress that can imbalance the nervous system. Trying to get pregnant can be very stressful. What is important is that getting pregnant can be facilitated by optimising your health. When a female is stressed then the channels and vessels get constricted. If this happens with uterus then the fallopian tubes, the blood vessels nourishing the uterus can also be constricted, which is the opposite of what is needed to conceive.

So there is a need to prepare your body for a major change, to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and easy delivery.

Pregnancy Care through Ayurveda

Is Kate Middleton trying to Irk Older Royals by Choosing HypnoBirthing to Birth?

Kate Middleton chooses HypnoBirthingDoes Kate Middleton choose HypnoBirthing because of the relaxing and “pain free” methods of birth or as the title of other post describes Kate Middleton Irks Older Royals by Rejecting Birthing Protocol?

There are many advantages of birthing a baby using HypnoBirthing®-The Mongan Method, It may be an unachievable dream birth for some who do not believe giving birth can be joyful, empowering, healthy and calm. Certainly Duchess of Cambridge knows what’s best for her future child and she trusts her ability to achieve birth without drugs, just like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Tiffani Thiessen and many other celebrities. How can that be a crazy idea? It’s a sensible idea.

What most urban ladies afraid of giving birth is the excruciation pain that they think they will go through. HypnoBirthing premise is that childbirth does not have to accompany with much discomfort although they do not guarantee it as a pain free method. While the pain is real, it is caused by fear. When there is unresolved fear present, it creates tension in the body, and thus, pain.

Perhaps what Kate Middleton wants is more than a comfortable pain free birth. She definitely understands what birth is. Transformation, empowerment, confidence and love. Love of a mother leads her into looking at ways to bring this special little person into this world in a healthy, fearless and joyful birth, providing a harmonious beginnings for her baby.

HypnoBirthing also brings the family together whereby husband is taking an active role in the birthing room support his wife and protect her space. After all, childbirth is a family event. Will Prince William be actively support Kate, Duchess of Windsor during her labor? Will she choose a home birth, water birth or a hospital birth?

Whatever her choice is, everyone will be much looking forward to the arrival of the baby.

Fear of Childbirth and Elective Cesarean

Why Women Choose Cesarean?

Cesarean birth is a major abdominal surgery with or without medical condition. Elective cesarean is the choice of the mother/couple to have their baby at specific date and time of delivery. This question has disturbed me for quite some times. I realised that people choose delivery through cesarean have lots of Fear. These fears are due to fear of childbirth pain, fear of not being able to give birth due to carrying a “big size baby”, fear of the unknown-uncertainly of how birth will turn out to be, the fear of jeopardising the safety of the baby and that of the mother puts woman to think of a definitely outcome. i.e. elective cesarean birth.  There are other fears that are not mentioned here which not everyone can accept.

Milli Hill, the Founder of The Positive Birth Movement, in her post Should We Be So Very Scared of Giving Birth? is based on research finding that as many as one in 10 women suffered from tocophobia, leading to more women elect for cesarean birth due to extreme anxiety and fear of giving birth regardless of how joyful her pregnancy had been. (more…)

Relaxing and Soothing Baby First Bath

I can’t help but share this video I found through a friend’s facebook sharing as the title caught my attention Skip Your Meditation and Watch This Instead written by Kristin Luce, a Meditation Instructor and a Psychotherapist. True to me as per the title suggested, I did not get the kind of peaceful and joyful feeling from my daily meditation but this video does, it calms my mind and gives me lots of endorphin-the love hormone by watching this 5 minutes video.

Baby has gone through tremendous stress through the journey of birth. Often ended with a traumatic experience I described in my previous post Overlook Birth Trauma-How Were We BornWhile baby is still adjusting to the air rather than fluid that the baby was familiar with, separation from the mother can cause more anxiety for both the mother and baby. Baby’s first hour after birth is crucial to calm the baby nervous system by providing a sense of security through bonding, touching and eye contact. 

This video shows how to handle baby with water and touch, an amazingly soothing bath for a newborn baby,  the bath that every baby should get giving baby’s not just soothing but calming the nervous system. If you are giving birth in the hospital, watch how they bath your baby. Are they gentle? Are you providing the soothing bath that your baby needs after a long stressful journey coming on land rather that the fluid that they are familiar to before birth.

Enjoy the peaceful moment of baby’s first calming bath by clicking the image below:

Baby’s First Bath-Gentle Touch

Show us your experience or method of calming a newborn.

A Gentle Treatment for Emotional Trauma for Mothers and Babies

Further dig into the subject of birth trauma after I posted two articles on Overlooked Birth Trauma and Mental Imprint from Birth, in many occasions I have learned about a gentle treatment for mothers and babies to settle their emotional trauma from their birth experience through light touch. It is more respectful to babies. As babies are sensitive to touch, babies respond well to these treatments. This type of therapy is called Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. It is an effective method in balancing the flow of the “fluid” body by “feeling or listen to” the body’s emotional reaction through light touching certain part of the body.

I have recently interviewed Ms Adida Shahab, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and an assistant tutor training people to become Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She has agreed to share her knowledge in how the thought patterns during pregnancy and birth can shape the mental health and physical health of the mothers and babies. (more…)

Mental Imprint From Birth

When I was preparing my previous article on Overlook Birth Trauma, immediately a thought emerged to invite an “Insider”- Ms Gladys Lee, a Certified Spiritual Rebirthing/Breathworker to uncover how human behave in relation to how we were born. Knowing that she has a hectic schedule but still I asked her to write an article in my blog and I was thrilled when she agreed to my invitation. Ms Gladys shares with us certain traits we can see in ourselves just how birth experience shapes our beliefs. Below is her article.

“Most of us started our life in a safe, warm and loving environment – our mother’s womb. For nine months, we were supplied with whatever we needed without us asking. Nothing was lacking, nothing was in excess. We were the happiest and safest beings on earth.

Then, one day, the walls around us started to close in, forcing us to worm through a tinny narrow canal. Our head was being squashed, our face squeezed and our shoulders compressed. Suddenly there was bright light, loud noises and extreme coldness. (more…)

Overlook Birth Trauma – How Were We Born

Recently I had encountered a spiritual talk on Spiritual Rebirther called Minood. A very interesting topic as it relates to birth. Though I did not sign up for the workshop. Later found out from a lady who attended the rebirth session. She shared her experience, remembered vividly her feelings during her journey into this world, her birth. She definitely made me realised what had I missed out. Not long after that, this lady invited me to attend a breathwork rebirth session. Immediately I signed up, not to miss this chance a gain.

Although I did not experience the Rebirth, I was amazed by how breath can connect to our brain and retrieve memory. The breathworker John Stamoulos lead me into searching just how birth trauma happens and how does it affect our life. He suggested that I ask my mother how was I born, same time, recommended a book called Birth Without Violence by Dr. Frederick Leboyer. This book gave me the inspiration to replay “the scene”.

Pretend You are the Baby – How does it feel “being inside”?

Let’s imagine that you are the baby resting in the comfort of your mother’s womb. Warm, surrounded by the buoyancy of the amniotic fluid, squashing against the wall of the uterus, relatively dark and quiet inside, at least not so loud.

So much as we think you, the unborn baby cannot feel, hear or see.

You feel everything through vibration, rhythm, light and even your mom’s emotion through the placenta.

Now you are physically ready to experience the transition into an unfamiliar world.


Infertility-Nature’s Way of Protecting the Human Race

Childbirth is a natural process; it is normal and healthy to be pregnant. But today, many couples face the challenge of infertility. What are the causes of infertility in male and females?

Have you wonder why it’s easy for some women to get pregnant even if they are in their 40’s and other’s can’t conceive even if they are in their 20’s.

Dr Lynn Tan, a naturopathy doctor, a founder of New life International, explained that infertility is nature’s way of protecting the human race. That is because when the body is weak, it is not fit to produce the next generation. Should pregnancy occur the offspring might be weak and sick.

Therefore, infertility is considered abnormal and unhealthy even though the women or men do not fall sick easily does not necessarily mean they are healthy. Right? Building a healthy body ideally at least 6 months prior to conception should be the natural and conscious method to bear a healthy baby. After all, where does genes come from? Babycentre created a chart on Major Causes of Infertility for your reference.